VirtualBox Set-up

  1. Download Ubutnu Server ISO:

  2. Create VM with a NAT (Adapter 1) and a Host-only Adapter (Adapter 2) networking settings;

  3. (Optional) if you want to provide access to your VM form the “outside world”, you need to add a “Bridge Adatpter” and ensure that you firewall allows connections to you host machine (port 80 and 443).

  4. Mount the CD media (Ubuntu Server ISO), start up VM and install the server system;

  5. Loging and install the extension pack and VM exensions on your server following

  6. Shut down the server and restarts it “headless”: VBoxManage startvm <YOUR SERVER> --type headless (use VBoxManage list vms to find out the name of your server);

  7. Find out the IP address to connect from your host: VBoxManage guestcontrol <YOUR SERVER> run --exe "/sbin/ifconfig" --username <USERNAME> --password '<PASSWORD>' | grep 'inet ' (by default it starts with 192…)

  8. Connect to your server: ssh <USERNAME>@<IP ADDRESS>